Who is migrationmommy?

Eek… so it is official. My first blog ever.

By introduction of my name I am hoping you will see that I / we move around a lot. I have been travelling since I was 16 years old (now 34) and just can’t seem to get the thrill out of my system. Unfortunately, so does my husband, therefore I do not foresee any forever home in the nearby future. Sorry dear family and friends in South Africa.

My birth certificate says South African, but my passport will tell you very many other stories… Dubai, Germany (Au-pair), Switzerland (studied hotel management), Italy, Amsterdam, France, UK, Spain, Denmark, Norway and Austria.

My reasons for this blog are quite simple: I love to travel to new places, explore interesting markets and to share daily life as an expat. However, since I failed miserably at making baby albums for my boys, I wish to use this blog as a “Dear Diary” dedicated to them in the hope that one day they will sit down and read about all the exciting things we did as a family.

We have made the city of Kuching in Borneo our new home… well for the next 3 years anyway. Borneo!?!? What? Where? My next post will tell you all about this adventure.

I confess to be being a writing enthusiast – but no expert.

Join me on my expat life journey.