Month: December 2017

The Firsts of Many Lasts

My last laksa at On 3 Kopitiam just off Jalan Song

The middle of August saw us doing some of the many things we would normally do here for the very last time. That is why I could never have posted my thoughts at that time, as my emotions (and thoughts) were everywhere. And there would have been A LOT of unhappiness as leaving was not really on my agenda for 2017.

Chef’s contract had come to an end and it was time for us to start looking elsewhere for work. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much out there (we really did want to stay in South East Asia), but any smart chef in the industry is sitting on his position.

So tonight I type for the last time as a resident of Kuching. The next time I will post something we will probably already be living in our new home town of Kuwait City – predicted only to be end of January 2018.

So whilst Kuwait / ME is not where I wanted to land up, I am certainly grateful for the fact that we can get work. Finally, I have the opportunity to work again. To start a career or even to learn something new, I am excited at the prospects of getting a pay cheque and being stimulated. The kids are sorted with schools and Chef has already booked an apartment. Guess what… I even packed and shipped off another F@#% box on Monday!

Shout out to all the incredible people who have made this tropical journey so unbelievable. The friends that became family!  Even the bloody little packer and teller at Upwell and the lady at the market that has been ripping me off the past two and half years. I shall miss you all.To the lucky ones who get to call Kuching, S’rwak their home…you don’t know how uber jealous I am. We are already planning our holiday to Mulu next year hahaha.

I have been really strong this time round. Oddly enough. I guess because the boys and I are heading off to South Africa to spend Christmas and NY with my family. We get to meet our little Bodhi Boy.

Who’s to say this won’t be our forever home in the future?

The Republic sunset

Sunset as seen from 6th Floor of The Republic on Thursday 30 November 2017