The massage follow up visit

Leanne returned to the massage parlor in Vietnam. Here is her story.

If you missed her previous account of events… read it here: About that time in Vietnam when we went for massages…

28/03/2017 (yah, I know I am crap at updating), 20:49:24: Leanne Brayshaw:

So I go for massage at the same place I went previously with my good friend Natalie.

They won’t let me in and keep talking and pointing to my bike going hi meaning two. The neighbor, who has a food cart, is also pointing at my bike and saying hi. They are all chatting in Vietnamese. Eventually, I convey to them in Vietglish that Natalie has gone back to Malaysia . This follows more google translate which the Viet to English makes no sense.

We give up.

I say just massage – NO head wash (indicated by making massage movements in the air with my hands and then massaging my shaking ahead and saying NO NO). She is frustrated that I have not brought Natalie along so she walks all over me, literally! Then, she has her feet between my very exposed butt and proceeds to do the massage with her knees. Don’t worry she got some spanking action in too . I had done squats the day before and not going to lie, could barely walk. Think she knew this as she tortured my thighs! Deep fingers into my muscle! Then she beat them! Then, bent them an impossible way!

Next came the wonderful hot stone massage. I had put up with all this torture for these few moments of bliss.

Still mad she proceeded to wash my hair and face knowing that face washing can be used as torture in some places (her salon being one of them) and completely ignoring the fact that I had told her NO in the beginning.  I managed to communicate that I needed conditioner or “hair softener” . Having realized I did a 2 hr bike ride and my hair was knotty, I could imagine what torture she could bestow on me when she brushed my hair.

I think she agrees but I have to pay extra. Well, knowing the price of the massage, I agree immediately (180 000 for nearly 2 hrs). We continue without incident. She smacks me and tells me to dress and then brushes my conditioned hair while I watch a spider advance on my feet. We once again try google translate but nothing makes sense. She is talking into her phone in Viet and it says random English words out. Even google translate does not understand Vietnamese!

I say goodbye and leave, and yes I will go back! Natalie end the torture and come with me.

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